Senin, 05 Juni 2017

Make More From Home - Design Handmade Jewelry Boxes

Do you like working with your hands and feel great pride when you complete a project? Have you ever thought about making wooden jewelry boxes and selling them? This is a great business endeavor. Jewelry boxes can be made out of many varieties of wood. Homemade jewelry boxes are works of art. They are also valued and in many households are considered heirlooms.

Remember the choice of wood will determine the price tag that you will put on the jewelry box. There are many types of wood and for unique boxes a combination of several different woods can be used. Most jewelry boxes have hinged lids and also take great care in lining the box. A good choice of material to line the box with is soft velvet or satin. You should keep in mind that people will be placing their favorite jewelry in this box. The soft lining will protect it from any damage.

Everyone loves jewelry boxes from children to your grandmother. Men even need a place to keep their jewelry also. Make up several different designs and now for advertising. A different spot to display your items for sale are at your local bank. Talk to the bank president and explain to him what you would like to do. Just a small display in the lobby with your prices and business cards will work out well. You may also have some that are for sale. I am sure the bank tellers would not mind selling for you.

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